This day stands in the wake of time that has already moved. 

What we create today becomes the hope for tomorrow.

Most of what we do in life seemingly has nothing to do with God and yet everything that we do in life has something to do with God.  In the reality of life you find stories that seem surreal—stories that tell you that there is more to this life then what we can see and touch.  This is a journey that we are all on and it is taking us back to the root of our soul. 

When darkness enters the world God sends us His light.

There is a shift that is taking place. Our collective conscious is telling us something.  Something is happening.  It is like a pendulum swinging back and forth and we are all being drawn into this human journey of connection.  Many are embracing an unified humanity of openness and acceptance.  Perhaps when we find the love that transcends our beliefs, we will find the humanity that God created.

From the dawn of our sacred history, we find God.  The God Process is a look at life, God and why faith matters.  Perhaps the greatest mystery to life lies in our eternity.  There is a message that God is whispering to us.  Can you hear it? 

Kirk S. Boote holds a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering.  He climbed the ladder of success to become an Executive when a moment of crisis caused him to step away from the Corporate world and write The God Process.  Although my life has been ordinary, I have witnessed the extraordinary.  I invite you to read my story and find The God Process.


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