To find God —to show you God— I will need to tell you my story, however this is not just my story as it spans five generations and it has been unfolding for over 100 years. God weaved the fabric and with it you will see The God Process.

Chapter 7 Moments of 9-1-1

I had the opportunity of spending time in New York City and have often been reminded of the day that terrorism shocked the world. One of the cab drivers I was with witnessed the planes as they struck the twin towers.  He was taking a client to the North Tower.  

The horrific events of 9/11 are a grim reminder of what people can do to people.  It is a reminder of what our human nature is capable of, both our humanity and our inhumanity.  It testifies as to how humanity rises above inhumanity.  It shows the willingness and wantingness of people who would sacrifice, people who had the courage, first responders who raced to and risked life to help others in the moment of need and crises.  9/11 also reminds us that we are all connected, one global nation who were all affected by the inhumanity of a few, unified to overcoming terrorism. 

The day of 9/11, September 11, 2001, and the days that followed 9/11, ashes fell like snow on a quiet and still cemetery of a church that has stood since 1766.  Saint Paul’s church was at the edge of ground zero.  It was a church where first responders would go. Some to be fed, others to rest and many to be consoled.  It was a place of refuge in a sea of carnage. 

Darkness and light are often intertwined.  When darkness invades our world God sends His light.  When bad things happen there are people, angels really, who are willing to respond.  First responders who enter the terror and the carnage to bring hope, even if that hope is only for a few minutes.  Our lives become immediately connected and blessed in ways that go beyond this life.  It is eternal. 

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