The spectrum of life brings depth to the soul. Out of creation, out of the heavens and set upon the earth was God’s plan. We taste and breathe in the depth of the soul. Beyond the spirit is the experience we take in. All that which was, all that which is and all that which will be is captured by the record that is embedded upon the life of the soul. It is the record that retains the reality of our will, desires and actions. It is the record that retains our memory of deeds, feelings and thoughts. It is the record that life has written.

Out of creation was the record of life. As the word was spoken, life was given. The spectrum expanded into the void of the self to allow God to separate life from life. The record was formed and each soul took upon the self the reality that was created. Here in was the will that was willed. The will to be. In all of God’s creation would we bear upon each other that reality which was recorded.

The heavens were separated to allow the spectrum to unfold. God looked upon the vastness that stood upon the face of the realities that were willed. As the realities unfolded, as each one choose one with the other what they desired within the depth of their soul, the fabric of life was formed. In the array of life that belonged to God came the reality that we willed. Families were formed out of the desire for belonging. We bonded one to another in the reality that we would will so that we might come to taste the depth of our own soul.

The Message 

The Dance of Life

Part II: The Message


Day has come!  The sun rises on the landscape and touches all the earth that stands in her wake. The trees, the rocks, the birds and the lakes reflect her rays.  Who would hide in the earth to escape her warmth?  Arise and feel the radiance of what burns but is not consumed.  Look with your eyes to see the life that draws strength from the sunshine.  God is like sunshine.  His light brings warmth by the radiance in which it burns within His creation.  We are His creation.  He burns in us and we are not consumed.  Day has come and today we can emerge in Him.

                                                                     The Message

The Message

Part II
There are messages that speak for God.  Messages that tell us God is there.  If we stop and listen we can hear its whisper.  The word invokes light and light is the source of life.  God’s whisper brings light.  For in the light are the hidden gems of what God offers.  Our souls sparkle and glitter in the light of God’s essence. 

God’s message is one of light.  God’s message is a call to our humanity, a message of hope, peace and wholeness.  Darkness cannot exist where there is light.  Even the tiniest spark, a match, a flame on the candle can dissipate the darkness. The darkness fades away the closer we get to the light. 

If ever there was a reason for hope, if there ever was a potential for Peace on Earth it will come from the Word, the message that speaks for God.  We look to the gift of a child who came in the meridian of time to set in motion His Father’s work for Peace on Earth.  We all hope for that day when that reality will be seen.  A day where life is lived in peace, a day where the world is free of war and a day where hearts are not torn apart.