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The God Process

Book is available at Signal Hill and McLeod Trail Indigo Chapters in Calgary. 

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Readers' Favorite Book Reviews - 5 Stars by Faridah

The God Process: Memoir of Miracles by Kirk S. Boote is a compelling read about life's miracles.  The book gives fresh insight on the meaning of miracles, love and choice, and how these all entwine to bring about life changing events that will forever alter one's path.


Readers' Favorite Book Reviews - 4 Stars by Hilary

A thought-provoking and inspiring book that helps us see life is full of moments when God provides guidance, insights and miracles.

Readers Favorites' Book Reviews - 4 Stars by Mamta

This is a memoir where readers get to discover God again and feel His power and presence in everyone’s life. The book is encouraging and uplifting.

Readers Favorites' Book Reviews - 4 Stars by Lex

Mr. Boote makes several excellent arguments for the power of miracles and what possibly lies beyond death's door.  I recommend this intriguing book of ideas to all who seek that which is beyond our scope of understanding - a potential answer.

Readers Favorites' Book Reviews - 5 Starts by Jack

The God Process is an original and though-provoking series of discourses on the divine.  I was particularly impressed with the author's ability to see past his Christian theology and embrace a God who is there for all worshipers of creeds.  

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