The man that drove his truck across the meridian and crushed my mother’s arm never ever showed remorse.  Not once did he apologize.  She sat through the trial where he was convicted of impaired driving and criminal negligence and then sentenced to one year in prison.  What really bothered my mother was that not once did he say he was sorry.  Yet she never hated the man who did what he did to her—she just hated what he did to her.  Sometimes bitterness overwhelms forgiveness.  It is not about forgiveness, it’s about living with feeling bitter—feeling robbed.

Life becomes like a playground of play, fall and get up.  We take risks when we climb the mountain.  We take risks when we open ourselves up and give of ourselves to others.  We have accidents.  We become vulnerable.  Our lives become vulnerable.  We all do it. 

The tough part is trying to understand the why.  What has life taught us? How does God heal us or give us back our wholeness.  How can we find our innocence after it is lost? 

At the end of the day and when you look back on life, what will stand out?  What kind of impact will you have had on your life?  What legacy will you leave for your children?  How will your life impact the world that you will leave behind?

Part I: The Journey

Chapter 6 - The Accident


The Journey

Part 1

There are lessons that we learn in life—pivotal moments which change us.  Some moments are miraculous and others are like storms.  Sometimes it is the storm that cause us to reach out or reach up.  In this reality of life, life will change us. 

It is only when we step back to look at the canvas of our life that we see The God Process.  To see The God Process—to see this movement of God within lifeis to see the why we are here and what God is trying to do. 

God has a plan.

God weaves the fabric of life.  He has given us free will, but the fabric belongs to God.  When darkness sets into the world, God sends us light.  It is in the light that we will find a different kind of  path and it is in that path that we find what holds value to our soul.  There is a beauty in our soul, an innocence which glows.  When we find our soul, we find the intangible thread that is connected to the "we" of life.

My journey for the most part is ordinary, however there have been events that are extraordinary.  The Journey is the awakening to find the person that God created.  I connect my life through my Christianity, however God awakens us in whatever faith journey that we are on.  God is not exclusive to Christianity.  Still there is a centrality to Christ.  Unlike the prophets that pointed us to God, Christ brought God to us.  In the path of the Christ we find the humanity that God created.

Herein is the great mystery which has been hidden from the ages

and generations.  Christ is in you.        Colossians 1: 25-27.


Perhaps when we look to God and find the presence of Christ, we too find the Emmanuel—God with us.  In that moment we find what God made real; we will find the mirror of our soul.